Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sinful Colors- Slate

Hi everyone! So I was ment to post my Top 5 Fall Polishes post for you all today. As soon as I posted it, I realized I have forgotten to swatch one of my all time favorite Fall polishes! So alas, you will see that post another day. Today, I'm going to show you all one of my absolute favorite Sinful Colors polishes, Slate! I know I tend to post a lot of Indie brands but I do own quite a bit of drugstore and salon brands to. This polish also happens to be a favorite for Fall.

So here we have Sinful Colors- Slate. Slate has to be one of my favorite gray polishes. It has a gorgeous subtle shimmer, and the base is a perfect medium gray. The shimmer can lean a bit blue, and even purple, in certain light. Gray is definitely my neutral color of choice. I just really like the color gray in general. Slate has great pigmentation, but if your not careful with application, brush stokes can be a bit of a problem. Such a great polish though, especially for $1.99! Gray can be such an understated color, but it looks quite beautiful on.

Two coats of Sinful Colors- Slate
One coat of Poshe

I think I'm going to start expanding my Sinful Colors collection. Are there any that you recommend?  I'm always impressed with the formula and wear of these polishes. I definitely need to get a few more!

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  1. This is such a pretty color! Gray is my fave neutral also, and this is one I need in my collection.