Sunday, November 4, 2012

Zoya- Aurora

Whoa! Long time, no post! I'm sorry everyone! With my powered being out and then all the school work I had to do, I lost track of time. To be honest, I think this is my first time painting my nails this week! Man, do I have a stunning polish for you today. When I first saw the press release for the Zoya Ornate collection, I wasn't quite sure how I felt about them. I was afraid the holographic polishes would be dupes for ones I already had. I was so, so wrong. I have Aurora to show you today, and it's a definite stand out in this collection!

Zoya calls Aurora "a sugarplum purple" which I think is pretty spot on for the color. I find it to be a bit more pink on the nail then in the bottle. The neatest thing with the Zoya holographics is that they have micro holo glitter not holo shimmer. I think that is what really makes them stand out. It really sparkles on the nail and is totally noticeable in indoor lighting. I was expecting Aurora to be three coats but it only needed two. It is seriously a beautiful polish. Aurora has definitely been added to my top Zoya picks!

Two coats of Zoya- Aurora
One coat of Zoya Armor
One coat of Poshe

Have you picked up any of the Zoya Ornate polishes? I picked up Blaze as well and I'm so excited to wear it!

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  1. its a beautiful shade i'm not really into scattered holo but this one I want!