Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nail Mail!!!

Yay! It's nail mail time! This haul is find of all over the place. It includes my Butter London order from their Friends & Family sale, two indie brands I haven't tried before and some nail art glitter! I'm sure there's more polishes I could have added to this post, but these were the ones I was most excited for. Are you ready to see what I got?!

First up is my Butter London order! Now I had quite a few on my wish list, and I knew there was a reason I hadn't ordered them. I had a feeling a sale was coming. I patiently, more like impatiently, waited, and finally they had their 30% off Friends & Family sale! Then I saw that it was free shipping when you spent over $75. It all went out the window from there. I can never pass up free shipping. Basically I got six polishes, originally $84 total, for $58! That's practically $9 a bottle! Compared to $14, that's a major steal. So let's see what I picked up!

Scuppered and Jack The Lad, both from the 2012 Holiday Collection. Posh Bird and Fishwife, I believe were released for fashion week, and then The Black Knight and Dosh. All are in order of the picture, and I included swatch photos. Look at that holo on Fishwife, ermahgerd!

Next up is my order from a new Esty seller, My Ten Friends! Now, I have to be honest. Most of the time when I find a new seller on Etsy, I wait a bit just to see if more swatch photos pop up. In this case, I just couldn't control myself! I ordered these as soon as I laid eyes on them. I'm so excited I did because I'm totally in love. The pictures do NOT do these polishes justice. They are so sparkly and gorgeous in real life. The price is pretty decent at $8.88 a bottle. I some how managed to get two blues and two greens, but who cares because they are stunning! The greens aren't as simular as they look in the pictures.

Once again these are in order: 42, Spacebound, Goldilocks Planet and Clusterfrak. I am SO excited to wear these! You can actually get 10% off your order right now with the code, Anniversary10!

And finally I have a few random bits. I purchased my first Nail'd It polish off of Llarowe. I've eyed quite a few, but never got around to buying them. I picked up Candy Wrapper because it was on sale for $9, and I've wanted it for awhile. Then I have some nail art glitter from JessiGeeWhiz over on Esty. These are solvent resistent loose glitter. You can use them loose or mix them into base polish. I'm super excited to do a review post on these because they are just amazing. 

Nail'd It- Candy Wrapper, JessiGeeWhiz glitters in Winter Solstice, Gift Wrap and Christmas PJ's. Jessi is having a 50% of sale from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, so be sure to pick up some of these gorgeous glitters! I know I will be. The coupon code is GEEWHIZ50OFF.

If you could decide what to see posts on first, what would you choose: Butter London, My Ten Friends, or the JessiGeeWhiz glitters?

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring our glitters! Hopefully you'll do a review on them. Totally would love to hear what you think :)