Sunday, November 11, 2012

I Love Nail Polish Swatch and Review!

Hi everyone! I have a few polishes to show you today from the indie brand, I Love Nail Polish! Barbra, the creator of I Love Nail Polish, actually has a Facebook page which I'm sure a lot of you have seen. You can find her polishes over on Etsy as well her website. They are $10 each. If you're a glitter lover, like myself, be sure to check them out! All of the swatches below are toped with one coat of Poshe. On to the polish!

So, let's start with one of my favorites from the bunch, Animal Cookie! I started with two coats of Orly- Au Champagne. Au Champagne is a gorgeous, shimmery white and I knew it would be the perfect match for Animal Cookie. There's a bunch of different glitters in Animal Cookie. From pink squares and white bars, to white, pink and red hexes. It also has a pink holographic glitter that just pops on the nail. Super girly and sparkly! Application was great. I didn't have to dig around for glitter at all. I used two coats and it gave me perfect coverage. All of these polishes have a pretty thick base. Make sure to wait till your first coat is almost dry before doing a second. If you don't, it does cause a bit of dragging.

Next up is another favorite, Pumpkin Head. I used two coats of Essie- Armed and Ready as a base. It has a beautiful coppery orange shimmer that I though would really compliment Pumpkin Head. I'm not sure how much longer Pumpkin Head will be available because I'm sure it was in the Halloween collection. It's in the shop right now so if you like it, go get it while it's up! Pumpkin Head is a mix of orange, green and black glitter. The glitter is a bit sparse but still gives nice coverage in two coats. I just love how these two polishes look together!

Then we have Little Mermaid! I seemed to to drawn to Essie today because I used Essie- School of Hard Rocks as a base for Little Mermaid. Little Mermaid has baby blue and pink hexes with tiny silver bars. My camera refused to think there was blue glitter in this polish. Most of the blue glitter either looks black or silver. Not my favorite of the bunch, but it's still pretty. This is two coats. 

Last but not least we have Berry Sweet! Oh look, I used anther Essie. I used two coats of Essie- Play Date as the base color. Berry Sweet has a few different colors and shapes of purple and pink glitter. There's even some purple shreds! This polish was simular to Pumpkin Head in application. I wish there was just a bit more glitter on the nail, but I'm loving this combo as well. Obviously greens and purples are my thing...

I thought these labels were just so stinking adorable, hence the pictures of them! They also have hand written name tags on them. What a nice personal touch! How are you liking the I Love Nail Polish polishes? Are there any you're considering buying?

*Products in this post were provided for me to review and give my honest opinion.*


  1. Great swatches, I love Pumpkin Head and Little Mermaid

  2. wow! that second combo is perfection!!

  3. These are adorable. From the labels to the names to the glitters. I love them!