Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Zoya- Zara

So, I amazingly have a non glitter polish to show you guys! I picked up Zara back during the holidays when Zoya was having all those crazy promotions. When I got my package, Zara was the first one I wanted to wear. Yet some how I'm just getting around to wearing it! Ah, I do love a good purple and with a golden shimmer none the less! The shimmer in this polish is amazing! This to me is a perfect polish. A little on the sheer side, but totally build-able. I only have one problem with Zoya's. What is it you might ask? THEY SHRINK LIKE CRAZY! Now this may just be me, but Poshe makes them shrink within an hour of application. I do have the Zoya Armor top coat, of course I forgot to apply it before Poshe... The point of this is that I had to rush to take pictures of my mani before it shrunk. Don't get me wrong, Zoya is one of my favorite brands and with all the promos they do, who wouldn't love them! Hopefully next time I apply a Zoya, which will be in the near future seeing as how I ordered six during the Earth Day Trade In, I will remember to apply Armor beforehand. I shall let you know how that goes! On to the pictures!

Three coats of Zoya- Zara
One coat of Poshe

I though I should also let everyone know that I will be having two giveaways in the future. One for when I hit 100 followers and one when I hit 50 likes on my Jessica's Nail Tales Facebook Page!

Also be warned for a major nail mail post sometime within the next two weeks. I've been a very bad girl ;)


  1. I'm loving the gold shimmer in this!

  2. OOOO MMMMM GGGG! I am definitely picking this up with my next order! I freaking love it!