Thursday, May 24, 2012

F4 Polish- Pink Penquin

Yay! I have another Indie polish for you today from another Etsy seller, F4 Polish! After stalking their Etsy for a bit, I decided to place an order and have sense placed a second! In my first order I picked up Pink Penquin, which I'm going to show you today, as well as Snow Capped Mountain which you will see soon! I got mini's of both and their shipping was SUPER fast. Now I know your going to think I keep meaning to put "Pink Penguin"instead of "Pink Penquin" but that's what it's called and I suppose there's a reason for it.

Pink Penquin is a black and white glitter with larger pink hexes all in a clear base. I was hesitant to buy it at first because I'm not in love with black and white glitter like most seem to be. I just don't really like the look of it and I'm sure that has to do with me not really liking clear based glitters. I made an exception for Pink Penquin because I could tell it was going to build up to almost full coverage and it does. The picture below is three coat and as you can see there isn't much nail showing through. It applied very smooth and had a good amount of glitter in one coat. One coat would be the perfect amount if this was over another polish. I did add a coat of Gelous just to smooth things out. I really do love it on, and I can't wait till my second order gets here! I am seriously loving the matte glitter trend, and I have purchased an ungodly amount of matte glitter polish in the past few weeks. Aka, there will be another haul post soon! The foil method will definitely be needed to remove this baby!

Excuse any pesky glitters you may see, they refused to come off!

Three coats of F4 Polish- Pink Penquin
One coat of Gelous
One coat of Poshe

Are you into black and white glitters? How about the matte glitter trend?


  1. I've been loving pink penguin too! I tried a lush v. lynnderella v. pretty and polished comparison the other day, meant to include f4 but didn't get to it. LOVE it on you though!

    1. Good idea! I just went to look at your post and I think I like Lush Lacquers the best!

  2. That's pretty, I actually enjoy a lot those b/w glitters with a pop of color!