Thursday, May 3, 2012

Holy Nail Mail!

It's nail mail time!!! I have a swap and some haulage to show ya! I had set up a swap a little while ago in one of the nail polish groups I'm in on Facebook, and the wonderful Traci from The TraceFace Philes had me! Did I mention how awesome Traci is? You should really go check out her blog! Besides the swap, I did a lot of buying this month. Some of which isn't show in the pictures because it's either for swaps or presents! I managed to get quite a few polishes off my wish list. Even the super elusive Nail-Venturous- FLOAM! *coughcough giveaway coughcough*

First up is my swap with Traci! In the same order as the picture, she got me China Glaze in Raydiant, Polarized, and Full Spectrum. Venique in Top Thong (am I the only one that thinks this is a rather odd name?). Anise in Wrapped in Clouds and Exotic Choice. Depend Cracked Effect in 5006 and 5009. H&M in Pink and Metallic Blue. Thanks again Traci <3

Next is my Zoya Earth Day order! Again, same order as the picture. Wednesday, Zuza, Shelby, Rory, Lara, and Reagan. Gorgeous much?

Finally, Nail-Venturous! Now these are from two different orders. Toxic and Pinkerbell I ordered from her Etsy shop and I got Floam from Ninja Polish. If any of you tried to order from Ninja Polish when they stocked a week ago or so, you know the site crashed and wasn't working pretty much all night. I was somehow able to put an order in that included quite a few goodies ;) Might I add that the OCD in me hates that the Etsy and Ninja Polish bottles are different...

I think it may be time to put together my next Melmer...


  1. Awesome! I am jealous of that Zoya order ;)

  2. wow! i want it all, lol! I'm a new follower, I saw your blog link on MidAtlantic Nail Enthusiasts Group on Facebook! I would love it if you would please follow me back on my blog aswell! : )