Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hard Candy- Candy Sprinkles Collection: Part Two

Hi Everyone!

I finally have the second part of the Hard Candy Sprinkles Collection to show you all! There were two polishes in the collection that I decided not to get, Sweet Tooth and Cocoa Smore. They appeared to be exact dupe of Nails Inc- Sweets Way and Sugar House Lane, which I own. So I actually have four more polishes to show you. I bought seven total, and you can see the other three in my Part One post.
These four where consistent with the last three. Application was pretty good, but a few were a bit thick. All required at least two coats, but I did three. I had a hard time picking a favorite from this bunch! I love most of them... They are all topped with one coat of Gelous and one coat of Poshe. On to the swatches!

First up is Sugar Rush! The base is a very light gray that looks white in most light. It's super simple with just black and silver glitter. As I said in my Part One post, the silver glitter often appears white from the base color. I wasn't expecting to like this one as much as I did! Definitely the most neutral polish in the Candy Sprinkles Collection.

Up next is another stunner, Jelly Bean Blue! Jelly Bean Blue has a baby blue base with black and  blue glitter. In the bottle, the blue glitter appears to shine, but on the nail it most definitely has a matte glitter look. 

Next we have Pixie Pink! I think this one has the most unique combination of glitter, but sadly was not one of my favorites on. It has teal, pink and silver glitter in a pinky-lavender base. This one was a bit trickier to apply, and the glitter doesn't stand out as much as I would like. 

Last but not least, we have, to me, the funest of the collection, Peach Pop! It's a bright orange base with red and/or pink and silver glitter. Again, I didn't really love this with my skin tone, but I love the polish.   A great one to pick up for summer!

I hope you all liked the rest of the Candy Sprinkles Collection! Are you going to be picking up any?

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