Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Candy Coated Unicorns!


I've done a bit of polish hauling lately! Surprisingly, I haven't bought any new Indies in awhile. Just some drugstore beauties! I don't think I've bought a polish that was more the $5 in the past month... If you don't count those Nerd Lacquers I just bought today, oops. Anywho, if you all want to see a haul let me know! 

I have a very simple, but really pretty combo to show you all! Spring is upon us, and I love me some pastels, so of course I had to pick up a few of the Sinful Colors Sugar Rush polishes. Candy Coated is my favorite of the bunch! For this mani I used two coats. It has a really fine, barely noticeable, shimmer. It's one of those periwinkles that crosses more into blue or purple depending on the light. Love it! Then I toped it off with one coat Love & Beauty- Moonwalk from Forever 21. I wasn't sure I was going to like Moonwalk, but it is SO stunning on! Especially over Candy Coated. Moonwalk is a sheer, frosty white with a pink duochrome, and scattered holographic glitter. No streaks, and it isn't extremely frosty on. It would look amazing over black! My camera hates me, so of course it barely captured the duochrome. It makes me think of unicorns. Don't ask me why... 

Two coats of Sinful Colors- Candy Coated
One coat of Love & Beauty- Moonwalk
One coat of Poshe

Does anyone else hate that online, Forever 21 has names for the polishes, but when you get them they have stupid names like White/Crystal, Mint, Blue/Pink, and Multi? Blah, you suck Forever 21!


  1. Gorgeous combination! And F21 polishes are still named that way? I thought they finally changed it and gave them names.. Didn't know it was just an online thing. :/

    1. I have no idea! Out of the few I picked up, the only ones that have "names" are Mint, Seafoam and Pink Icing. Then I have Baby Blue/Hot Pink, Green/Pink and White/Crystal. It's annoying that they have names online, but that same name isn't on the bottle.