Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nerd Lacquer- Pinin' For The Fjords

Today I have one of my FAVORITE polishes for you! It's Nerd Lacquer- Pinin' For The Fjords. I know, I know, Nerd Lacquer isn't readily available anymore but if you ever have the chance to get a few from a blog sale or swap, don't think twice! I had mentioned in my last post how KBShimmer kinda fills my want for every Nerd Lacquer ever made. Nerd Lacquers's are seriously some amazingly unique polishes and it's a shame what happened with the brand. I have a few that I cherish. I even have one that I don't quite like but I refuse to swap or sell it because it's still amazing in my book.

Pinin' For The Fjords is just a beautiful polish. I will say right off the bat that my camera does not do it justice. The base color is a mix of periwinkle and lavender with an amazing silver shimmer. The shimmer overwhelms my camera a bit. From what I can tell it has silver, blue and purple glitters. What I love most about all of my Nerd Lacquers is that they are all holding up even though they are over 8 months old. With all the ruckus over curling glitters, I can confidently say that there are none in my Nerd Lacquers. They are just really nicely made. I find that most require at least 2-3 coats if used alone. I used 3 for this one. I just really love this polish! Btw, anyone know what the heck a Fjord is?

Three coats of Nerd Lacquer- Pinin' For The Fjords
One coat of Gelous
One coat of Poshe

I am so so so so excited about the next post that will be up! I'll give you a hint: It's a Halloween collection!!!!!

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  1. ugh this is one of my top lemmings and looks so lovely on you! x