Thursday, September 20, 2012

My picks from the All That Glitters Halloween BOO-tique Collection!

Hi guys! I have some more Halloween polishes for you today, imagine that! This time I have my picks from the All That Glitters Halloween BOO-tique Collection! The Boo-tique Collection (how stinking cute is that name) has six Halloween inspired polishes. The collection as a whole was really pretty but only these three stood out to me: Pumpkin King, Horror Business and Night Fright. She had them all available for preorder about two weeks ago and I jumped on them so I wouldn't have to bother getting them off Etsy. She has listed them in the Etsy store as preorders but only a few are available at the moment along with the whole collection set. Are you ready to see the ones I picked?!?

Before I get on to the rest of the pictures I'll let you know that all the polishes are topped with one coat of Gelous and one coat of Poshe. They are also all two coats over a base polish or by themselves. I've been messing around with the angles of my pictures a bit so let me know how you like them!

First up we have Pumpkin King! I love the name! It's very fitting for this polish. Pumpkin King was the first clear based orange and black glittered polish that really caught my eye. It has two different types of orange hex glitter, one more shiny then the other. It also had different size black hexes with black bar glitter to. I did kinda dab this one on to the nail but it wasn't hard to apply at all. Pumpkin King is over three coats of Maybelline- Porcelain Party.

Next up is Horror Business! This one is a bright green jelly base with purple, green, and a few black glitters in different shapes and sizes. It has hexes, squares and bars. Now this one had a harder application. Not terrible but the second coat did not want to spread evenly at all. I had to really work with it. It turned out super stunning though! Horror Business is over three coats of Zoya- Apple. The shimmer you see in the polish comes from Apple. I love the combo of the two.

Last but not least we have Night Fright! This was the first one I knew I had to have! I'll be honest I was expecting it took look a little different based on the first swatch I saw from All That Glitters. Regardless, it did not disappoint! It's like a Halloween party in a bottle. Night Fright is a brownish- black jelly base with orange and purple hexes with green bar glitters. Once I swatched Night Fright I knew it would build to full coverage on it's own. I went against my gut feeling and layered it just incase. I did leave it on it's own on my ring finger. On the rest of my nails, it's layered over OPI- Black Onyx. I like it better on it's own but it's still pretty layered. Application was pretty good. 

What another fun Halloween collection! Be sure to head over to the All That Glitters Facebook page to see the rest of the collection. Are you going to pick any of them up? 

It's almost giveaway time! My 300 Follower Giveaway should be up by the end of the weekend!


  1. These manis look amazing! I love the Halloween colors! I'm so excited for Halloween! Can you tell?? :P

  2. Thank you for posting these swatches, there aren't many on the Internet yet and I was wanting to plan how to wear Pumpkin King and Night Fright :)