Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Huge Thank You and Hare Polish- Heat Plague

Hi guys! Let me start this post of by saying how freaking excited I am that I made it to 300 followers! I still consider myself a pretty new blogger. My first post was only in April of this year! I feel like I've put so much time and effort into my blog and I am so glad that you all like it. To be honest, I didn't expect to love blogging as much as I do. I knew I LOVED nail polish but I wan't sure if I was going to like blogging about it. So to show you guys how appreciative I am, I will be having a 300 follower giveaway soon! I'm actually really super excited about this giveaway. I'm in the process of picking out polishes. If you like my Facebook page, you probably saw that I was contemplating doing a Halloween based giveaway. Not entirely sure why but Halloween is really exciting me this year. Possibly because of all the amazing indie brands making such gorgeous, festive polishes. I think you guys are going to LOVE the polishes! Keep an eye out because it will be starting in the next 2-3 weeks!

After a very long intro, lets get on to the polish! This is my first time wearing a Hare Polish. When I think back to right when I started finding out about indie brands, I'm almost positive Hare was the first I saw. I was in love with them but hesitant to buy because I didn't know much about it. I think back now and I could kick myself because there are a ton of her original polishes that I would die for. Today I have a more recent addition to the Hare line, Heat Plaque! I got this from a super nice friend in one of my Facebook groups I'm in! Thanks again Jennifer! You can find Hare Polish on Etsy and from Llarowe.

Hear Plague, to me, is a very fall inspired polish. I know it came out in summer but I definitely think it's more fall. Heat Plaque is a dark green jelly with orange, magenta and purple glitter and shimmer. I used three coats and it still could have been a bit more opaque. I feel like it applied a bit spotty. Not necessarily the glitter but the actual base. I still think it's gorgeous! As much as I don't like to layer glitters, I might use a base color for this next time. This did dry yummy and jelly-like and was fine with only one coat of top coat.

Three coats of Hare Polish- Heat Plague
One coat of Poshe


  1. Congrats on the followers!
    Love the polish, such a unique color combo. I think it'd be an awesome polish for Halloween.

    1. Thanks Helen! I agree with you, it's a prefect Halloween polish!

  2. Ahhh, I'm loving these colors! Hare is really making it on to my favorites list!

  3. Congratulations on 300 followers!! I hope to get anywhere near that someday! I started a few months after you, but I hope that I get more nail friends soon! <3

    This is SUCH a cool polish! It reminds me of Wicked! <3

  4. Wow! Now, that's a halloween polish if I ever saw one!