Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Reader's Choice Wednesday Featuring KBShimmer

Happy 4th everyone! Yay for the second week of Reader's Choice Wednesday! Well there was no tie this week! KBShimmer- Watercolor definitely won! I was hoping this would be the one because it has been sitting on my nail table waiting to be used. This was one was my favorite from her Neon Collection. I placed an order a little while ago that included some bath products. I'm thinking about doing a review, what do you guys think? All of the KBShimmer products can now be purchased directly from her website. KBShimmer and F4 Polish are probably my favorite inde sellers at the moment.

Watercolor is stunning! It's a medium jellish blue base with purple, blue, pink and holographic glitters in all different sizes. It definitely reminds me of a watercolor painting of a garden pond. Once again, I didn't layer it over any other polish. You guys should know by now that I don't like wearing undies LOL. I did three coats. The glitter, for the most part, was pretty easy to work with. I would get clumps every once in a while but over all it applied evenly. It's just so pretty! I will say that the larger blue hexes do curl slightly. Nothing unworkable though.

Two coats of KBShimmer- Watercolor
One coat of Gelous
Two coats of Poshe

I hope everyone is liking the Reader's Choice Wednesday posts! Don't forget to vote for next week!


  1. "You guys should know by now that I don't like wearing undies" oh my gosh, jess. i love you hahaha

  2. Now adding this to my wish list to buy, love the color!

  3. Wow. Can't believe I didn't buy this. Her pictures do NOT do this polish justice. You should send this to her because she would sell a lot more of it. Adding to my wish list. Love!!!