Friday, July 27, 2012

Butter London- Trustafarian

Hello everyone! I hope everyones Friday's are going well! Today I have a polish from the new Butter London Fall 2012 collection! It's called Trustafarian and is a gorgeous pistachio green holo! Oh, do I love this polish! I was a bit confused by the name so of course I headed over to Urban Dictionary for a rough definition.This is what I got out of the definitions listed: "The word combines trust-fund with Rastafarian. A privileged white kid who subscribes to the hippie lifestyle since they have no worries about money, a job, ect. They then devote their lives to eating organic, growing dreads and smoking pot." LOL WHAT?!?! Oh Butter London, you sure know how to name 'em.

Trustafarian is seriously gorgeous! Not only does it hold its holo after a top coat, it applied opaquely in three coats. I can't stop staring at it's amazeballsness. Did I mention I only paid $4.84 for it because I had a free $10 Nordstroms gift card?!?! Officially the best polish purchase this month. Besides my custom F4 polish which you guys will see soon ;) On to the photos!

Three coats of Butter London- Trustafarian
One coat of Poshe

Gahhhh, it's so pretty! Please go buy/order this right now! You need it in your life!