Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lazy Days of Summer- Flag Day

Who's a slacker? Jessica's a slacker! Sorry for taking so long to do the next LDoS challenge! It's what, like ten days past the 4th of July? Sounds like some serious slacking to me! I originally planned to have a 4th of July mani as my flag day mani, but alas, it did not happen... obviously. So for the sake of not cheating on the challenge, here is my flag day mani!

I actually really like the way this turned out. I know it's simple but it's still super pretty.  Considering it's so far past the 4th, I just wanted to keep it simple. I decided to use my favorite red, OPI- Color So Hot It Berns. I really do love this red. It so vibrant yet still a true red. As always, I did an accent nail. Accent nails are my go to when I'm to lazy to do any nail art but I want something other then a plain mani. I used a base of Maybelline- Porcelain Party and topped it with F4 Polish- Cali's Creation. Oh F4, you steal my heart with every polish of yours I put on. The base glitter in Cali's Creation is kinda weird. In the light it just looks red but in the shade it looks sort of purple. Who knows, I'm going to pretend it's red! Besides the red/purple base glitter it has tiny blue squares, so cute! You can find F4 Polish on Etsy. Those ladies are seriously amazing and their polishes are even more stunning in person!

Two coats of OPI- Color So Hot It Berns
Two coats of Maybelline- Porcelain Party
One coat of F4 Polish- Cali's Creating
One coat of Poshe

What do you guys think? I'm not to much of a slacker, right :D Hopefully the rest of my LDoS challenges will be relatively on time from now on! Flip Flops are up next! Be sure to check out the other flag day manis!