Monday, June 18, 2012

Nail-Venturous- Orange You Unique

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! I have something to pass buy you guys before I get on to the post. I've been going back and forth with the idea of doing like a "Readers Choice" day where I will have a poll going for a week with multiple polishes listed. Then on said day, whatever polish wins will be what I do my post on. What do you guys think? I would like to be a bit more involved with everyone and that's what I came up with! Yay or Nay, let me know! Now on to the regulary scheduled programing...

I have another Nail-Venturous polish for you today! Besides the well know Floam, Amy from Nail-Venturous does some other pretty unique polishes. I couldn't stray away from my matte glitters for to long! So I have for you Nail-Venturous- Orange You Unique! I wasn't quite sure if I would like Orange You Unique, but I do! As weird as this sounds, it's almost a subtle polish?! Close up, you can see all the orange, blue and white glitters. From far away it's not so bright and just has a speckled effect, weird huh? It has a slightly orange tinted base and had pretty great coverage in just two coats. If I remember correctly, Floam took three and there was still a bit of nail showing through. I'm pretty sure you can only get Nail-Venturous polishes from Ninja Polish at the moment. I don't think Amy's Etsy is open or will be any time soon. Picture Time!

Two coats of Nail-Venturous- Orange You Unique
One coat of Gelous
One coat of Poshe

In my world, matte glitter will never get old LOL

Let me know what you think about doing "Readers Choice" posts! Don't forget I have two giveaways running! My 100 Follower Giveaway as well as my 100 Facebook Likes giveaway! To enter my 100 Facebook Likes giveaway, once on my page go to the "Giveaway" box in the upper right hand corner next to where my photo's are located. There will be a giveaway widget on that page! I hope everyone has a great week!


  1. I felt the same way when I ordered it orginally. I got Orange you Unique b/c I couldn't get Floam ( I think) but I liked it way better once I got it on.

  2. Like readers choice. Loooooveee matte glitter. :)