Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Essie- Mojito Madness With Stripes!

Boy, oh boy, I sure love me some green polish! I saw this pretty baby at Walgreens and just had to pick it up. I'm not on a no buy or anything..... ;)

I knew before I put Mojito Madness on that I was going to love it. I also knew I wanted to add some type of design. I had yet to try out my striping tape I ordered so I pulled it out and this was the end result! I call this design, "American Eagle Chic" LOL! Doesn't it look like a polo shirt you would get from American Eagle!? I love it regardless, and I was very happy with the application of Mojito Madness. It has perfect two coat coverage. As for it being my first time using striping tape, it was fairly easy. I did my two coats of Mojito Madness topped with a coat of Poshe, laid down the tape, applied a thick layer of OPI- No Room For The Blues, pulled off the tape, LET IT DRY (very important or it will smudge when you apply your top coat), laid down the silver stripe and applied a second coat of Poshe. And that my friends, is how you can achieve your "American Eagle Chic"mani at home! On to the pictures!

Two Coats of Essie- Mojito Madness
One coat of Poshe
Striping tape
One coat of OPI- No Room For The Blues
Striping tape
Final coat of Poshe

WOOOOOOO! I am currently 11 followers away from 100! Seriously, you guys have no idea how excited I am to do my giveaway!!!! Have you guys ventured into the world of striping tape?

BTW, did any of you watch the Pretty Little Liars season premier? What did ya think???


  1. You know I love my striping tape :) This is pretty, love the colors together!

  2. Love Mojito Madness! Just got it myself. Can't wait to create yummy goodness with it! Nice mani!

  3. Love this, the accent is just perfect. Great job!