Friday, June 22, 2012

Lazy Days of Summer- Beach Theme Nails!

Hey everyone! I took the plunge and agreed to do the Lazy Days of Summer (LDoS) nail challenge! I have never done a nail challenge before, nor do I think I'm that skilled at nail art, so this shall be interesting! There are 14 different challenges, some that I'm sure will test my creativity and patience.

The first challenge is "Beach Theme" and I knew what I wanted to do right away, a WATER marble. I thought it was quite smart of me to think of a water marble! I haven't done a water marble in quite some time but I'm pretty pleased with the results. Besides the polish I used refused not to bubble. More on that in a minute. If your unfamiliar with how to water marble, you will find a ton of information on our friend, Google. I used four polishes for this water marble: The "sand" was Essie- Topless & Barefoot, the "water" was Zoya- Bevin and Wednesday and the "froth" was Maybelline- Porcelain Party. Oh Porcelain Party, why must you bubble so much? Yes, Porcelain Party was the bubbling culprit! I noticed right away that it would bubble because once I dropped it in the water holes appeared. I have never used Maybelline polishes before and now I'm hesitant to use it again. Time for pictures!

Two coats of Zoya- Bevin
Zoya- Wednesday
Essie- Topless & Barefoot
Maybelline- Porcelain Party
One coat of Poshe

What I attempted to create was more "sand" on the bottom two fingers and more "water" on the top two to simulate crashing waves. I think I was successful, no? Ugh, the bubbles! Now for the other wonderful ladies participating in the LDoS challenge with me!

Excited to see what challenge is up next?

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  1. Water marble! what a great idea. love the colors

  2. Very pretty! You're so good at water marbling :)

  3. this is beauuuutiful! ahh i've got topless and barefoot on my wishlist, makes me want it everytime i see it :D

  4. I love it! I am totally jealous of your water marbling skillz. I SUCK big time at it!! :D

  5. The color combo is beautiful!

  6. Nice! I'm pretty jealous of your water marble... ah, I wish I could finally accomplish one :/

  7. So beautiful! I wish I had your water marble skills.

  8. Oooo, this challenge looks so fun! Is it too late to get in on it? If not, I might just do it on my own's got such cute mani ideas! BTW, your water marble came out super-nice :-)

  9. It's pretty...I can never manage marbling:(