Friday, July 27, 2012

Butter London- Trustafarian

Hello everyone! I hope everyones Friday's are going well! Today I have a polish from the new Butter London Fall 2012 collection! It's called Trustafarian and is a gorgeous pistachio green holo! Oh, do I love this polish! I was a bit confused by the name so of course I headed over to Urban Dictionary for a rough definition.This is what I got out of the definitions listed: "The word combines trust-fund with Rastafarian. A privileged white kid who subscribes to the hippie lifestyle since they have no worries about money, a job, ect. They then devote their lives to eating organic, growing dreads and smoking pot." LOL WHAT?!?! Oh Butter London, you sure know how to name 'em.

Trustafarian is seriously gorgeous! Not only does it hold its holo after a top coat, it applied opaquely in three coats. I can't stop staring at it's amazeballsness. Did I mention I only paid $4.84 for it because I had a free $10 Nordstroms gift card?!?! Officially the best polish purchase this month. Besides my custom F4 polish which you guys will see soon ;) On to the photos!

Three coats of Butter London- Trustafarian
One coat of Poshe

Gahhhh, it's so pretty! Please go buy/order this right now! You need it in your life!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Reader's Choice Wednesday Featuring F4 Polish

Hi everyone! So I'm hopping this is the polish that won this weeks RCW because for some reason I couldn't see the results of the poll! Last time I had looked, this was in the lead though! The "winning" polish was Mint Chocolate Chip by F4 Polish! I love me some F4 so I was hopping it would be this! I also spiced up my mani with another F4 polish but you will see that in a bit. The ladies of F4 Polish are absolutely wonderful! You can find F4 Polish on Etsy.

Mint Chocolate Chip is spot on to its' name. It looks like yummy, minty, chocolatey ice cream on your nails. Who doesn't want that? It applied perfectly in three even coats. I was afraid that after to many coats the depth would disappear and you wouldn't see the glitter in the first layers. The "chocolate" glitter really stands out though. This was one that I kinda ordered on a whim. I wasn't sure if I would like it but I love it! My goal is to own all of the polishes F4 sells by the end of the year. It's a shameful goal. Trust me, I know LOL

Three coats of F4 Polish- Mint Chocolate Chip
One coat of Poshe

Yummy! Now on to the little extra I added to the mani! I also happen to own Neapolitan from F4, so I decided to do an accent nail! Two ice cream flavors in one mani, crazy!!!! Neapolitan is a clear based polish with tiny chocolate glitter as well as pink and white hexes. 

What do you guys think? It's yummy, right? Don't forget to vote for next week's Reader's Choice Wednesday! I hope everyone has an awesome week!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lazy Days of Summer- Favorite Beach Towel

Hi everyone! Sorry for posting two LDoS challenges in a row! I was just to excited for this one because I LOVE how it turned out! Todays challenge is ment to be inspired by your favorite beach towel. The towel I chose has zebra stripes accented with multicolored stripes. I was hesitant because I've never free handed stripes and at the moment my nails are quite short. I didn't want it to turn into a jumbled mess. I seriously love the way this turned out though! I didn't even want to take it off. This might be a favorite mani I've done in quite awhile.

The base color is Maybelline- Porcelain Party. Definitely not the best white. Don't wast your money on it. I think I did about four coats. I used a random black striper polish along with Essie- Van D'Go and Play Date with Zoya- Shelby and Wednesday. I just used a thin striper brush for the colors. I wish I had taken a picture with my towel but alas, I did not. Totally my favorite challenge so far! I'm very proud of myself because it turned out so pretty! This is one of those mani's where you need to let everything dry before you top coat it or it will be smudge central.

Four coats of Maybelline- Porcelain Party
Black striper polish
Essie- Van D'Go and Play Date
Zoya- Shelby and Wednesday
One coat of Poshe

Don't forget to check out everyone else's towel mani's! Now what should I go put on my nails...hmm....

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lazy Days of Summer- Flip Flops

I have another LDoS post for you today! The theme for this mani was flip flops! I was jealous of the ladies who had flip flop stamping plates! I had to get a bit more creative with my design. I actually suck at stamping so it was probably for the best. I used the perfect base polish, China Glaze- Flip Flop Fantasy. It's a super neon pink! So neon my camera flipped out! Sorry ahead of time for the non color accurate photos! It's more of a true highlighter pink then my camera shows.

Flip Flop Fantasy was a hot streaky mess. I lost count at how many coats I did. I think it was around five. Thankfully it did smooth its' self out! Only two nail supplies were needed, striping tape and gems. For this particular mani I used silver for both. All you have to do is use two small pieces of striping tape to make a arrow pointing towards your cuticles. Leave a bit of nail between the tip of the point and your cuticle so you have room for the gem. Add the gem to the point and your done! Tada, you have flip flop nails! At least I think it looks pretty reminiscent of flip flops! I think they are adorable!

Five coats of China Glaze- Flip Flop Fantasy
One coat of Poshe
Striping tape and gems
One coat of Poshe

Don't forget to check out all the other super cute flip flop nails! Up next is a mani inspired by your favorite beach towel! If only I could find my favorite towel....

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Reader's Choice Wednesday Featuring Nail-Venturous

Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a good week! I have to be honest, today's post is going to be a bit short. I don't want to bring the atmosphere of my blog down. I generally try to be pretty light hearted with my posts but today we had to put our family cat down today because we found out she had severely progressed feline leukemia. She will be greatly missed <3 If any of you are wondering after I post this, it's not the cat in my picture. That gorgeous kitty is Millie, mine and my boyfriends furbaby.

So as you might have remembered last week's Reader's Choice Wednesday got lost in the shuffle of life. I wanted to make sure I put it up this week so hopefully it's up before midnight! Nail-Venturous- Pinkerbell was clearly the winner! I can't remember if I mentioned it in the first RCW but all the polishes I put in the poll are untrieds. When I got my Nail-Venturous order that included Pinkerbell and Floam, Floam just stole my heart. Pinkerbell got put into by untried box and semi forgotten about. I'm glad I got to finally wear it! I feel like now that there are SO many indie brands, Nail-Venturous has become a staple. For the most part, anyone who is obsessed with indies, as I am, will most likely have a Nail-Venturous polish. At the moment I believe Nail-Venturous can only be purchaced from Ninja Polish.

Pinkerbell is tiny matte blue, yellow and pink glitter in a pink tinted base. It applies kinda thick if you don't let it dry between coats. I'm not sure how to describe it, but the polish with sort of pull the polish off the nail if it's not dry. That results in huge clumps of glitter balls at the tips. Not cute. I really do love the final product though. Squishy and pretty!

Three coats of Nail-Venturous- Pinkerbell
One coat of Poshe

I'm going to be putting the new poll up after this post so be sure to get your vote in for next week! I also put up a Blog Sale tab if anyone is interested! I believe I'll be adding more to it tomorrow!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lazy Days of Summer- Flag Day

Who's a slacker? Jessica's a slacker! Sorry for taking so long to do the next LDoS challenge! It's what, like ten days past the 4th of July? Sounds like some serious slacking to me! I originally planned to have a 4th of July mani as my flag day mani, but alas, it did not happen... obviously. So for the sake of not cheating on the challenge, here is my flag day mani!

I actually really like the way this turned out. I know it's simple but it's still super pretty.  Considering it's so far past the 4th, I just wanted to keep it simple. I decided to use my favorite red, OPI- Color So Hot It Berns. I really do love this red. It so vibrant yet still a true red. As always, I did an accent nail. Accent nails are my go to when I'm to lazy to do any nail art but I want something other then a plain mani. I used a base of Maybelline- Porcelain Party and topped it with F4 Polish- Cali's Creation. Oh F4, you steal my heart with every polish of yours I put on. The base glitter in Cali's Creation is kinda weird. In the light it just looks red but in the shade it looks sort of purple. Who knows, I'm going to pretend it's red! Besides the red/purple base glitter it has tiny blue squares, so cute! You can find F4 Polish on Etsy. Those ladies are seriously amazing and their polishes are even more stunning in person!

Two coats of OPI- Color So Hot It Berns
Two coats of Maybelline- Porcelain Party
One coat of F4 Polish- Cali's Creating
One coat of Poshe

What do you guys think? I'm not to much of a slacker, right :D Hopefully the rest of my LDoS challenges will be relatively on time from now on! Flip Flops are up next! Be sure to check out the other flag day manis!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Nails Inc Sprinkles- Topping Lane

YUMMMMMMMMM! I have such a gorgeous polish for you today! I'm sure by now most of you have seen the Nail Inc Sprinkles collection!? I posted a photo on my Facebook about a week ago showing you guys the three I decided to get from the collection (*cough* I may or may not have later ordered the final polish as well). You all seemed super excited to see them, as was I, so I wanted to put one on right away! Might I say that I did not have an easy time picking which of the three to wear first. I'm embarrassed to admit it came down to my first grade tactics of eenie, meenie, miny, moe. Because that's the logical way to choose, right? Well Topping Lane happened to win! God this polish yum worthy!

Topping Lane is, what I would consider, a pepto pink based polish jam packed full of glitters. From what I can tell it's silver, pink and purple glitter. Don't let the name fool you! This baby isn't a topping polish! It needs to be worn on its' own with all of its' undieless glory! Below is three coats, though two gave pretty much perfect opacity. For the sake of my camera, I did three. The glitter didn't apply too patchy on the first coat but you definitely need at least two coats to clear up any bald spots.

Three coats of Nail Inc- Topping Lane
One coat of Gelous
One coat of Poshe

Can'!!!!! UGH, it's just so pretty! For those of you wondering, the Sprinkle Collection is back in stock on Sephora. As far as I know, there's no word on when these will hit stores. If anyone knows, please inform us!

Again, sorry for the delay on this weeks Reader's Choice Wednesday! It will be up and at 'em next week though! I have extended the poll till next week so be sure to vote if you haven't!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Two Birds, One Store- Pocket Full of Posies

Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a great weekend! I have an indie brand to show you today that might be new to you, Two Birds, One Store! I found these wonderful ladies through a group I'm in on Facebook. As you can probably tell, I'm a huge supporter of indie brands. These ladies have a TON of potential! They stole my heart at the sight of matte glitter. You know I can't resist it!

The polish I have to show you today is called Pocket Full of Posies. How cute is the name!? Every time I say/type the name I think of the Ring Around the Rosie song. Just my opinion, but I think they should totally make a Ring Around the Rosie and Ashes, Ashes polish as well! PFoP is a clear based polish made up of teeny tiny pink and blue matte glitter as well as two sizes of purple hexes. I chose to layer it over OPI- Pedal Faster Suzi. I did try to wear PFoP on it's own but it wasn't quite opaque enough. The polish applied evenly but the purple hexes did need some maneuvering. Especially the largest ones. You know I love pretty much any matter glitter I put on my fingers! I have a few other polishes by Two Birds, One Store that I will show you soon. If you like Pocket Full of Posies, you will love them!

Three coats of OPI- Pedal Faster Suzi
Two coats of Two Birds, One Store- Pocket Full of Posies
One coat of Gelous
One coat of Poshe

What do you guys think? I personally love it! Don't forget to put your vote in for Reader's Choice Wednesday!

*The polish shown in this post was provided for review.*

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Reader's Choice Wednesday Featuring KBShimmer

Happy 4th everyone! Yay for the second week of Reader's Choice Wednesday! Well there was no tie this week! KBShimmer- Watercolor definitely won! I was hoping this would be the one because it has been sitting on my nail table waiting to be used. This was one was my favorite from her Neon Collection. I placed an order a little while ago that included some bath products. I'm thinking about doing a review, what do you guys think? All of the KBShimmer products can now be purchased directly from her website. KBShimmer and F4 Polish are probably my favorite inde sellers at the moment.

Watercolor is stunning! It's a medium jellish blue base with purple, blue, pink and holographic glitters in all different sizes. It definitely reminds me of a watercolor painting of a garden pond. Once again, I didn't layer it over any other polish. You guys should know by now that I don't like wearing undies LOL. I did three coats. The glitter, for the most part, was pretty easy to work with. I would get clumps every once in a while but over all it applied evenly. It's just so pretty! I will say that the larger blue hexes do curl slightly. Nothing unworkable though.

Two coats of KBShimmer- Watercolor
One coat of Gelous
Two coats of Poshe

I hope everyone is liking the Reader's Choice Wednesday posts! Don't forget to vote for next week!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lazy Days of Summer- Summer Ombre

Finally, a new post! My power is on and running!  Today I have the second challenge in the LDoS nail challenge. It's summer ombre nails! This is actually my second mani for this challenge but my pictures somehow got deleted when the power went out. I was actually resizing them when the power went out so that's probably why. Oh well, I like how this turned out better! Now this was kinda hard for me because I tend to not purchase that many multiple colors in one color family. Blue seemed to be the only color family that I had a decent amount of creme polishes in. I really wanted to stay with the same finish for all the polishes. I'm not sure how summery is it thought. I mean blue is the color or water, right :P

Five fingers, five colors. The polishes I picked were Maybelline- Sapphire Siren (thumb), China Glaze- Ride The Waves (pointer), Julep- Jaime (middle), OPI- No Room For The Blues (ring) and Hello Kitty- Blueberry (pinky). Three coats of everything except Ride The Waves, which was four. I know in the pictures there is VNL but it's not there in real life. I think it's a pretty successful ombre, don't you? There's an extra picture including my thumb so you can see the whole effect!

Maybelline- Sapphire Siren
China Glaze- Ride The Waves
Julep- Jaime
 OPI- No Room For The Blues
Hello Kitty- Blueberry
One coat of Poshe

I hope you guys like it! I've been antsy to put a new post up! Don't forget to check out everyone else's summer ombres!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

OPI- You're A Pisa Work Featuring Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Ok guys, this is a substitute post! I found this draft that I never posted. I figured I would go ahead and post it considering I don't know when I will be able to put another one up. Some of you might know this already if you follow my Facebook page but we got hit with a pretty bad storm. Our power went out and I'm betting it will be at least three days before it's back on. Last time the power went out, it was off for a week. I absolutely can not stand when the power goes out! Considering I usually do my nails at night, I'm pretty much screwed. I will try my hardest to get a new post up by the middle of the week but who knows. For now, I hope you like what I have!

I think I did this mani about two weeks ago. Not totally sure why I never posted it. I had found these Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips at Target for like three bucks, score! I believe the pattern is Mad For Plaid but I could be wrong. I didn't want to use them in a full mani so I chose to do some accent nails. I chose OPI- You're A Pisa Work for the rest of my nails. I think they turned out pretty cute! I was trying to pick a pink to match the pink stripe in the plaid. The one thing I don't like about the nail strips is if you happen to stretch them to far, it will start to split the design. You can see what I mean on my thumb below. You're A Pisa Work was one of my first OPI's and I still love wearing it! It applies evenly in two coats. It seems to be a bit brighter in pictures then it is in real life.

Two coats of OPI- You're A Pisa Work
Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Mad For Plaid
One coat of Poshe

I hope this will hold you guys over till I can get another post up. I'm thinking it will probably be the next Reader's Choice Wednesday but hopefully I can get my next Lazy Days Of Summer mani up before then. Did I mention I accidentally deleted the pictures I had? Yeah, it's not my week.