Thursday, December 27, 2012

GlitterDaze- My White Lighter

Hi Everyone!

Today, I have one of my polishes I got for Christmas to show you! Would you all like to see a mini haul of the polishes I got for Christmas? Any who, the polish I have to show you is GlitterDaze- My White Lighter! My White Lighter is part of the GlitterDaze "A Charmed Halloween" collection, and I've wanted it since I laid eyed on it. Wanna know the best part? IT GLOWS IN THE DARK! I had absolutely no idea until I went into my closet and my nails were glowing! Even though it's part of a Halloween collection, I think it's a perfect Winter polish. You can find GlitterDaze on Etsy.

My White Lighter is so simple and stunning. It's a slightly baby blue tinted base with different sizes of blue glitters and shimmer. I did two coats of My White Lighter over two coats of OPI- My Boyfriend Scales Walls. The polish is slightly thick, and application was a bit tricky. Polish troubles aside, I totally love it. 

Two coats of OPI- My Boyfriend Scales Walls
Two coats of GlitterDaze- My White Lighter
One coat of Poshe

Isn't it just a perfect Winter polish?!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Party Nails!

Hi Everyone!

I have some super fun Christmas nails to show you today! These are actually the first Christmas nails I've done all season. I work in retail and holiday hours are consuming my life at the moment. I haven't had much time to do anything to my nails but slap some polish on! I'm showing you the first of three JessiGeeWhiz glitters that I purchased a little while ago. The one I have for you today is called Christmas PJ's!

All of the JessiGeeWhiz glitters come in a little jar that contains 3.5g of glitter for $2.95. They are all solvent resistent, and are so absolutely gorgeous! There are a few different ways you can apply the loose glitter. I prefer to take a cheap, clear polish, I used Color Club, and just dap the brush into the glitter. Then apply it to the nail adding more clear polish as you go along to smooth it out. For me, it's the easiest, and least messy way to apply it. When I'm all done, I just wipe the brush off. Any glitter that got into the bottle just sinks, so it's easy to use the same clear polish over and over again! It also makes clean up WAY easier because you don't have glitter all over the place.

Christmas PJ's is made up of just red and green glitter. For such a simple combo, it sure it gorgeous! I used Zoya- Shawn as a base, and did two coats of Christmas PJ's. It seriously has amazing coverage for a loose glitter, and I think that also has to do with how I apply it. I don't find it to be any thicker then a regular glitter polish. On my ring finger I taped off a little tree and added a silver star. I'm excited to have such festive nails! 

Two coats of Zoya- Shawn
Two coats of JessiGeeWhiz- Christmas PJ's
Two coats of Poshe

I'm hoping to have a few more Holiday manicures up soon! 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nail Art Society December Review

Hi Everyone!

I have something new to show you today! I recently joined the Nail Art Society, which is a monthly subscription service. Instead of being mainly makesup, skincare and haircare based, it's nail polish based! I absolutely love subscription boxes, and have done quite a few of them including Birchbox and Glossybox. When I signed up for NAS it was $9.95 a month. I thought that was an amazing prize! They have now jumped the price up to $19.95 for any newly joining members. If you joined when they first started you get to keep the $9.95 a month price. I would TOTALLY pay $9.95 a month for this. $19.95 a month, probably not. I would rather choose to buy whatever other polish I want. Here's my December NAS.

The December package includes two Cherimoya Matte-N-A Nail Polishes in Blockbuster and Mystery,  Cherimoya Nail Polish Remever Pads, Stella Luminous Nail Kit and Beauty Art Nail Glue.
Pretty great bag, but I would not pay $19.95 a month for this. I'm really excited to get my next few packages, and I'm hoping they go along with the new price. I couldn't find the prices for the Cherimoya Matte-N-A Nail Polishes for the life of me, so I have no way of trying to calculate the total worth of the package.  Overall I was pretty excited to use what I got!

I did a mani using both Blockbuster (silver) and Mystery (magenta). Now I'm not really into matte polishes, but these are pretty nice. Perfect in two coats, and they are SOOOO gorgeous with a top coat. Especially Mystery. I added some of the smallest rhinestones to give it a bit of sparkle.

Two coats of Cherimoya Matte-N-A Nail Polishes in Blockbuster and Mystery
One coat of Poshe

My camera made Mystery look a lot more red then it truly was, but you still see all the depth and shine it has to it. 

- Cherimoya Matte-N-A Nail Polishes in Blockbuster and Mystery: Loved these and I will totally use them again.
- Cherimoya Nail Polish Remever Pads- Sucked! I'm not sure if they would remove a creme polish better, but they didn't remove Blockbuster of Mystery. 
- Stella Luminous Nail Kit- Loved! They will definitely be usefully, especially for holiday manis.
- Beauty Art Nail Glue- Whatever, I didn't use it, but I'm sure it will come in handy at some point.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Naild'it- Candy Wrapper

Hi Everyone!

I have my first polish from the brand Naild'it to show you all today! I've been eyeing this brand for months, literally months. I never got around to purchasing any. While browsing on Llarowe one day, I saw Candy Wrapper on sale for $9. You best bet I snatched it up! I'm so glad I did because it's gorgeous!

Candy Wrapper, I believe, was from the Naild'it Halloween Collection. To me this polish reminds me of Christmas lights in the snow. Like when a house is covered in snow, but you can still see the lights twinkling. I just love it! Candy Wrapper has a milky white base with all matte glitter. There's small hexes and shards in pretty much every color of the rainbow. I've come to realize that I really love shard glitter. Application was great! I never really needed to dab any glitter around. I need more polishes like this one!

Two coats of Naild'it Candy Wrapper
Two coats of Poshe

If you know of any other polishes like Candy wrapper, let me know! I need them all!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

KBShimmer- Candy Cane Crush

Hello Everyone!

I have a new post, finally! I'm sorry for the absence, but man do I have a good one to show you all today! I'm actually semi obsessed with the this mani. Especially the combo, which you'll see at the end. LOVE IT!

So today I have an amazing glitter from the KBShimmer Holiday Collection to show you, Candy Cane Crush! Now this is not just any old glitter polish, it's scented! You heard me, scented! Vanilla peppermint to be exact. It's super yummy, and the scent lasted even after the top coat! I started with two coats of Butter London- Dosh, and then did one coat of Candy Cane Crush. Not only is it amazingly dense for a glitter, it applied great to. I love the different sizes of red and white hexes, and I can totally see myself using this for other Holidays.  These two polishes together are very "Grinchy". The golden shimmer in Dosh really shines through. Not to mention, I can't stop smelling my nails as I type this.

Two coats of Butter London- Dosh
One coat of KBShimmer- Candy Cane Crush
Two coats of Poshe

Now for a little something extra! I added one coat of Sephora by OPI- It's Real 18K Gold Top Coat on top. WOWZERS! This is probably one of my favorite layering combos ever. I'll let the picture do the talking. There's also another coat of Poshe on top, and I can STILL spell Candy Cane Crush!