Tuesday, April 23, 2013

First Blogiverasry Giveaway and A Huge Thank You!!!

Yay! It's giveaway time!

I can't believe I've had my wee little blog for a year now! It all started with a pink caviar mani that I did for my first post, and within, I want to say about half a day, I had over 100 followers! I was blown away by the support I received, and I still am. I love my blog, and I have never regretted making it. I know I can be a bit inconsistent with posts at times, but thank you so much for sticking through it with me! I thought it would be fun to link my three most popular and most viewed posts to date. So here we go!

My first, and still most popular post to date: Pink Kaviar
Rounding out my top three: Amy's Nail Boutique- Cotton Candy

Now on to the fun stuff! I wanted this giveaway to be a bit different the the other two, so I'm going to be having TWO prizes! I'm so excited!!!

The Prizes!

Prize One
- The cutest little handmade monster you will ever see from Little Lazies! Thank you so much to the owner of Little Lazies, Leah, for collaborating with me on creating a special little moster just for you guys! Be sure to check out Little Lazies on Facebook!
- Shimmer Polish- Wendy. I chose this polish because it matches the Little Lazy. I know, it's silly.

Prize Two
- Liquid Lacquer- The Rain Song. You can see this swatched here. Your bottle is new, I promise!
- Liquid lacquer- Collide Into Me

Here's some info on the giveaway:
- All of the items for this giveaway were purchased with my own money.
- This giveaway is open to resident's of the US and Canada only. Sorry guys :(
- There will be two prizes, and two separate winners. You will be able to choose which prize you prefer in the Rafflecopter widget.
- This giveaway will run from April 23th, 2013 to May 14th, 2013.
- The winners will be chosen randomly on May 14th, 2013.
- Once the winners are chosen, I will post it here, on my facebook page, and you will receive an email. If you do not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be chosen.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Thanks again everyone, and I hope you love the giveaway!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Liquid Lacquer- The Rain Song

Hello everyone!

Long time, no post! I'm sorry! School is really getting the best of me, but it sure is paying off because I got a 96% on my first exam, woohoo! Some of you might have seen from Facebook, but the 14th was my blogs first blogiversary! I was waiting for a few other goodies to come in the mail, and they have so a giveaway will be up soon! I'm really super excited about it, and I think you all will love it! Thank you so much for enjoying my blog along with me for my first year!

I have a rather appropriate polish to show you all tonight, considering it's pouring here in Maryland! This is my first Liquid Lacquer polish, and I'm already in love! It's called The Rain Song, and it's from the newer Physical Graffiti Collection. The Physical Graffiti Collection has solely holographic polishes, and it consists of quite a few stunners! The Rain Song is a super bright, ever so slightly, holographic turquoise. The holo definitely isn't super strong, and is more scattered when it is noticeable. The color of the polish is absolutely lovely regardless! The application was ok. On the second coat, a few nails were still patchy, but a third coat fixed 'em right up. I'm just really lovin' the color!

Three coats of Liquid Lacquer- The Rain Song
One coat of Poshe

Be sure to like Liquid Lacquer on Facebook to be notified of upcoming restocks, and keep an eye out for my First Year Blogiversary Giveaway some time this week! 
If you have any polishes in mind that are simular in color to The Rain Song, let me know! I would love to pick a few up :D

Saturday, April 13, 2013

F4 Polish- Strawberry Shortcake

Hello again!

I have a polish to show you today that I'm actually ashamed I've never worn because it's so gorgeous! I love me some F4 Polish, and I still have quite a few I have yet to try on. The stunner I'm showing you today is F4 Polish- Strawberry Shortcake! I am so in love!

Strawberry Shortcake could not possibly be any closer to what I would think of if someone was talking about strawberry shortcake. Now I'm not sure what's going on because all the other pictures I've seen of this polish it has a creme base. Mine is very much so a shimmer. The base is a mauvey pink with a shimmer that looks slightly golden. It then has pink, red and holographic micro glitter along with white hexes. The application was awesome. Slightly thick, but only needed two good coats. I seriously don't even want to take this off! I keep staring at my nails in amazement. For such a simple color combination, it really is gorgeous! To bad I only got a mini.

Two coats of F4 Polish- Strawberry Shortcake
One coat of Gelous
One coat of Poshe

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

F4 Polish is having a $5 off $20 sale on their Big Cartel! Use the code f4polish! The sale is going on until the 17th.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Has Sprung!


I hope everyone has had a great week! I was feeling springy today, and decided to try my hand at some floral nail art. I really had no idea where I was going with this, but I think it turned out kinda cute!

For this mani I used Zoya- Coraline as my base. Coraline is a bright jelly orange. I used three coats, and it still showed my tips a bit. Then I used Zoya- Lara (medium pink) and Shelby (light pink) to create my flower. I used a tiny nail art brush, and just painted lines in a semi circle half way up my nail. To create a bit more dimension, I added a bit of Zoya- Belle for some sparkle. Then I poped on an orange rhinestone to make it a bit more flower-esque. It kinda looks a bit like daises, and I love that it's so bright!

Three coats of Zoya- Coraline
Zoya- Lara, Shelby and Belle
One coat of Poshe

I've really been into simple nail art lately. If you have any suggestions I should try, let me know!