Sunday, June 10, 2012

Amy's Nail Boutique- Cotton Candy

Today I have another matte glitter to fuel your obsession! It's a layering combo with Cotton Candy from Amy's Nail Boutique. That gal Amy sure makes some pretty polishes! I'm not sure if both glitters in this polish are matte or if the blue is regular and the pink is matte. I can't quite tell, but it's a simple yet pretty polish. I'm sure I've said it before, I'm not to keen on glitters I have to layer. I generally like glitters that will eventually become opaque. For matte glitter, I can make an exception! I was originally going to layer Cotton Candy over Zoya- Dove but went with Zoya- Kristen instead. I'm saving Dove for another matte glitter combo. Zoya- Kristen is a pale grayish-blue, and as with most cremes from Zoya, was opaque and smooth in two coats. Kristen went more blue on me which is what I had hoped for. I also did two coats of Cotton Candy and ended with a nice amount of glitter on the nail. I feel like this is a really girly mani without being pink, flashy and in your face. Picture time!

Two coats of Zoya- Kristen
Two coats of Amy's Nail Boutique- Cotton Candy
One coat of Zoya Armor
One coat of Poshe

Super pretty, no? I'm really excited because my next post is going to be my 21st birthday mani!! I was going to do that mani tonight but we have a little girls birthday party tomorrow at work, and like I've said, my job is a mani killer! For those of you wondering, I work at Lush Cosmetics. I figured I should mention that sense I mention my job in posts all the time :) I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far! Has any one tried any of Amy's polishes yet? 

I died when I saw this so I though I would share. It's necessary to sing it like the song :D