Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nostalgic Nail Lacquer- Rayanne

Oh man, do I love this polish! I ordered Rayanne and Jordan from Nostalgic Nail Lacquer last time she opened her shop. They are two of the three polishes in her My So-Called Lacquer collection. I own Duckie, Andie, and Blane from her Bizarre Teenage Love Triangle already, but Rayanne has to be my favorite of the bunch! Rayanne is a purple jelly polish with a ton of pink, purple, red and silver multi-sized and shaped glitter. Because it is a jelly I decided to layer if over OPI- A Grape Fit which is medium toned purple creme. I think next time I wear Rayanne, I'll wear it but itself so it will look extra squishy! By the way, I don't think my camera likes purples... It's not quite so blue toned in real life. The glitters reflected a lot, but hopefully you can see how gorgeous the polish is!

Two coats of OPI- A Grape Fit
Two coats of Nostalgic- Rayanne
One coat of Gelous
One coat of Poshe