Thursday, May 9, 2013

Stripes and Shreds

Hi everyone!

I decided to do a mani featuring some nail polish strips from the brand Nail Fraud. I received a pack of these in a Nail Art Society box awhile ago, and I wanted to do something neat with them. The Nail Fraud strips came with twenty polish strips and I only used two, so I'm sure you will see these again in the future! They come with a orange stick and file like most other brands. I honestly have no idea where you can get these besides online, but they seem to be priced similarly to other brands that are more readily available. 

I don't think the strips I received have a name, but they are horizontal black & white stripes. I decided to take a larger strip and apply it vertically. I had to use the orange stick to sort of outline the extra strip and peel it off. The edges are a bit jagged, but it's ok. I really like the combination of the stripes! I used Bettina- Sand Blast, a light gray creme and Sation- Tall, Dark, and Has Some on my pink and pointer. TDHS is a shredded blue glitter topper with black and blue hexes. I think there's a few tiny silver hexes in there to. The combination of stripes and glitter is so fun! Kinda punk-rock, no?

Nail Fraud Strips
Bettina- Sand Blast
Sation- Tall, Dark, and Has Some 
One coat of Poshe

The Nail Fraud Strips seem to be holding up, but I'm not sure how they would be without a top coat. I really do enjoy nail polish strips, and I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for some fun spring patterns!


  1. I love the two different directions of the stripes. This is such a cool look!

    1. The stripes just might be my favorite part! Thanks Essie!

  2. Great manicure! Its super cute :)

  3. Very cool combination, the stripes are so great :)