Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Utopia Polish- Alternate Universe

I have a indie brand for you all today called Utopia Polish! I've been eyeing a few polishes from this brand for quite some time but never ordered for whatever reaosn. When I saw swatches of the new What About Science collection on their Facebook, I knew I had to order. So today I'm showing you one of the three that I ordered, Alternate Universe! I have two serious nail polish loves, matte glitter and glitter bombs in a colored base. If Alternate Universe isn't I glitter bomb in a colored base, I don't know what is! Utopia Polish can be found on Etsy. Full size polishes range from $9-$10 and minis are $4.50.

Alternate Universe is a lilac based polish with blue, white, silver holo, purple and pink hex glitter in a few different sizes. I also notice a finer pink shimmer throughout. For the amount of glitter it has, it's pretty easy to apply. I only moved the glitter around probably two or three times and that was mainly the larger hexes. The base is nicely pigmented and you could probably get away with two coats, though I did three. I didn't find any curling glitter issues, even with the largest hexes. It just looks so pretty and feminine. I can't believe I waited so long to order from Utopia Polish! There are a few more I want that I keep missing when they go up on Etsy but you best believe I'm gonna stalk them next time they stock!

Three coats of Utopia Polish- Alternate Universe
One coat of Gelous
One coat of Poshe

This polish seriously just makes me happy to look at it. Have you tried any Utopia Polishes yet? Any you would recommend?