Friday, May 3, 2013

Spring Blossoms


First off I want to say "Hi!" to all of my new friends! I hope you all have been enjoying my blog, and I'm so glad you were excited about my giveaway! For those of you who were super excited about a little monster from Little Lazies being included in my giveaway, keep an eye out on my Facebook page for a picture of my Little Lazies collection! Thank you for supporting my blog <3

I have a super random floral nail art to show you all tonight. I started out with just a plain mani using Love & Beauty- Babyface from Forever 21. On the label this polish is called Baby Blue/ Hot Pink, but that's another story. It's a really precious, blue-gray crelly with teeny tiny black glitters, and holographic and pink hexes. I thought it needed a little something, so I got out a flat nail art brush and painted on some flower type things. I'm not entirely sure if they are flowers, but that's what I'm going with! The flowers are done with Zoya- Reagan with a bit of silver doted in the middle. 

Three coats of Love & Beauty- Babyface
Flowers with Zoya- Reagan
One coat of Poshe

I hope you all have a great weekend! Is there anything special you would like to see on my blog? Let me know!


  1. This is adorable! I love how you did nail art on top of a glitter polish. I love Zoya Reagan, one of my favorite Zoyas that I own!!

  2. Pretty manicure! I always love a floral design :)

  3. This is an awesome mani. I have not done any nail art over a glitter polish because I just was not sure it would come out that great...but this is fantastic! Great comboing of polishes. :)

    1. Thanks! This worked out great, but if you were using a polish that had grittier glitter, I would top coat it first just to be safe!

  4. Jessica this is so pretty! I love the flowers you added.

  5. These are just too cute! I seriously wish I had a steady enough hand to paint cute little flowers.

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