Saturday, April 13, 2013

F4 Polish- Strawberry Shortcake

Hello again!

I have a polish to show you today that I'm actually ashamed I've never worn because it's so gorgeous! I love me some F4 Polish, and I still have quite a few I have yet to try on. The stunner I'm showing you today is F4 Polish- Strawberry Shortcake! I am so in love!

Strawberry Shortcake could not possibly be any closer to what I would think of if someone was talking about strawberry shortcake. Now I'm not sure what's going on because all the other pictures I've seen of this polish it has a creme base. Mine is very much so a shimmer. The base is a mauvey pink with a shimmer that looks slightly golden. It then has pink, red and holographic micro glitter along with white hexes. The application was awesome. Slightly thick, but only needed two good coats. I seriously don't even want to take this off! I keep staring at my nails in amazement. For such a simple color combination, it really is gorgeous! To bad I only got a mini.

Two coats of F4 Polish- Strawberry Shortcake
One coat of Gelous
One coat of Poshe

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

F4 Polish is having a $5 off $20 sale on their Big Cartel! Use the code f4polish! The sale is going on until the 17th.


  1. I think your version of Strawberry Shortcake is way prettier!

  2. This is really darling, a very sweet looking polish!

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