Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hard Candy- Candy Sprinkles Collection: Part One


I have something SUPER exciting for you all! It's part one of my Hard Candy- Candy Sprinkles Collection swatch and review! If you haven't heard the news yet, go check out the Hard Candy Facebook page for promo pictures of the whole Spring 2013 line. It includes 45, yes 45, new nail polishes in a variety of shades and finishes. I have my eye on the Candy Sprinkles Collection in particular, though I will pick up a few others. The whole Spring 2013 collection is rolling out in Walmart stores, and according to Hard Candy, will be available on Walmart's' website within two weeks! They are retailing for $3.97, but I paid $4. 

Now I will let you all know, I might not being buying the whole Candy Sprinkles collection. There are at least two that I don't want to buy because they appear to be dupes for a few of the Nail Inc Sprinkles, which I already own. Who knows, I might end up getting them anyway! I'm still on the hunt for the remaining polishes. These three seem to be the only ones I can find at the moment. Bare with me if it takes a week or two to get Part Two, and possibly Part Three up! 

So lets get on to the polish already! The Candy Sprinkles Collection is very simular to the Nails Inc Sprinkles. They are a sheer-ish colored base with multicolored glitter. The glitter is all the same size, but the colors vary depending on the polish. The pigmentation on all of these is amazing, and they only required two coats. Weird considering Hard Candy is promoting them as "glitter suspended in a clear top coat". They are not by any means in a clear base! I toped all of them with one coat of Poshe, though I probably should have done a coat of Gelous first. 

First up is my favorite of the bunch, and I'm assuming my favorite of the collection, Gummy Green! This was the first I saw of the collection, and it was love at first sight. Hard Candy's pictures make this appear way more green then it actually is. Gummy green is more of a bright mint/ light turquoise, but stunning none the less! It has black and silver glitter, but because the base is colored the silver glitter appears white. The application was the best out of the three. It applied smoothly, and the glitter didn't need any maneuvering at all. The base color wan't patchy either. Obsessed!

Next up is Pink Taffy! Pink Taffy has a bright, medium pink base with black, silver and magenta glitter. I found this one to be the hardest to apply. I think it was a tab bit thicker then the others, and the glitter seemed more sparse. Even looking at the bottle, it appears to have less glitter. I think it's still really cute though, and perfect for those of you that love pink!

Rounding up Part One is Cotton Candy Pink! This one is definitely a more neutral toned pink. It has silver and purple glitter though which I love! It was slightly thicker then Gummy Green, but not as bad as Pink Taffy. I think they do need to be a bit thicker to get the opacity they have. I was expecting it to need three coat, as it was the lightest of the three, but it was perfect at two. This is a really neat polish for Spring! I don't really love this tone of pink on me though. 

What do you all think?! I'm absolutely in love with them all! I'm really enjoying the color combinations, and I was surprised at how opaque they are! Pretty great for only $4 bucks! I hope I can snatch the rest up soon. Trust me, I've been stalking every Walmart I'm by to see if they have them out yet. Have you been able to pick any up yet from the new collection? If you have, what do you think of them?


  1. i cant wait to find these! i like the last one the most. the first one is cute, but i feel like i could come up with something similar by doing some layering (:

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